Scales of Justice opening post

Gameplay, balance and gesture recognition. Scales of Justice is focused on providing all three.

Originally built as a two player co-operative ‘boss’ battle, using Wii-motes as the controllers. We now endeavour to turn it into a single player (bot assisted) web-player with mouse recognition. Hopefully it will transform into an awesome butterfly of magic and death.


Void/Runner Begins

Added the Project Void/Runner page, complete with some simple screenshots. I’m going to get a webplayer and youtube clip added, what’s there is just the basics for the moment.

Void/Runner is a space escort game which delves into combining flocking behaviours, A*, state machines and evolutionary neural networks. It was a lot of fun to make and the techniques used actually make for a fluid and challenging game. I’ll be providing updates as we fine-tune the game.


Hello World!

Hi! Guess this is the first post for the site.

This blog is going to be my outlet for my ai/game development projects, plus whatever comes along that interests me. I’m not exactly sure of the end goal, but if people are interested in commenting / adding extra posts, or turning this into a multi-user blog, I’m open to suggestions. I nabbed a pretty nice url for it. In the mean time I’m going to be working on building up some of the  projects I worked on at RMIT into playable demos/full games.

I’ll be setting up info pages for the games, plus assembla links for those interested in checking out our work.