7DRL: Gladiator

Back on the horse! After watching too much Spartacus on the weekend, I decided I’d be making a roguelike after a favourite topic: Gladiators and ancient Rome. I’ll be updating it here for the next few days (I’ll even have a few alphas up to test).

The code will be half made from scratch, half recycled old roguelike code from previous endeavours. I’ll be using Unity, although I’m not going 3D this year – the plan is to use Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tiles to get it done. Going to keep it simple this year, not too much in the way of endless dungeons – I’ll be keeping set arenas so there won’t be as much procedural content (yet).

This is potentially part of a bigger project – more on this later.

RTS: Island Battle

The plan was something simple – self managing villages, armies raised and controlled via waypoints, different types of playstlyes based on the starting race. This is just a technology/competency test, 2 days in. Testing some basic RTS commands for an island battle / village building game. Pathfinding, swarming, A*, dynamic landscape grid determination, harvesting waypoints automatically assigned are in. Webplayer is here.

7DRL Fail!

So I got all the mechanics done. Just filling out the content in 7 days felt impossible. It’s still very playable but the story putters out towards the end and there could be a few more items/skills/weapons. The foundations are all in place so I may just fill it in when I get the chance anyway.

Play it here anyways, it’s still fun.

Scales of Justice opening post

Gameplay, balance and gesture recognition. Scales of Justice is focused on providing all three.

Originally built as a two player co-operative ‘boss’ battle, using Wii-motes as the controllers. We now endeavour to turn it into a single player (bot assisted) web-player with mouse recognition. Hopefully it will transform into an awesome butterfly of magic and death.


Void/Runner Begins

Added the Project Void/Runner page, complete with some simple screenshots. I’m going to get a webplayer and youtube clip added, what’s there is just the basics for the moment.

Void/Runner is a space escort game which delves into combining flocking behaviours, A*, state machines and evolutionary neural networks. It was a lot of fun to make and the techniques used actually make for a fluid and challenging game. I’ll be providing updates as we fine-tune the game.


Hello World!

Hi! Guess this is the first post for the site.

This blog is going to be my outlet for my ai/game development projects, plus whatever comes along that interests me. I’m not exactly sure of the end goal, but if people are interested in commenting / adding extra posts, or turning this into a multi-user blog, I’m open to suggestions. I nabbed a pretty nice url for it. In the mean time I’m going to be working on building up some of the  projects I worked on at RMIT into playable demos/full games.

I’ll be setting up info pages for the games, plus assembla links for those interested in checking out our work.