Scales Of Justice

Original project here: Scales Of Justice Wiki

This was originally a project built by JS, BL and MW and Geoff for a Game Mechanics class at RMIT.

I will be endeavouring to expand the game into a playable web-player enabled game.

The focus of the game mechanics is around a tactical, two player co-operative battle against a single opponent (similar to the boss battles found in MMORPG games).

The initial gameplay idea came from an element of fantasy MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft and Guildwars, that of the boss battle. Players are required to co-operate, co-ordinate and perform their roles well to defeat the boss and win the game. While beginning players will compete to survive the boss encounter, expert players will be able to replay the game to kill the boss in the quickest amount of time possible.

Due to the style and controls of the game, we decided that the players should try to vary their spells as much as possible, to fully challenge the player’s abilities and focus. The main mechanic we will be using is a somewhat unconventional Equilibrium system, (inspired by T.O.M.E., a rogue-like game which uses several unique energy management systems).

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